The company SEQConsulting was founded in October 2020 during the covid19 crisis.

The global COVID-19 epidemic (coronavirus) has changed our familiar working models. The IT infrastructure gets overloaded because more people are forced to work from home. In addition, there are growing concerns about the resilience of technology and the threat of cyber-attacks in the form of malware and ransomware. This shows how malicious social phenomena can influence the operational health and IT architecture of organisations. It also illustrates how organisations with a strategic vision for the use of technology can use this technology to strengthen their resilience and turn it into a competitive advantage.

Technology will therefore play an increasingly important role in people’s lives and the quality of this technology is essential so people can fully enjoy the benefits it brings.

SEQConsulting offers mainly consultancy services in the field of quality control of computer systems and software. Other services that our company offers include:

  • Advice on the purchase and sale of equipment: computers, printers, monitors, processors, chips etc.
  • Development and security of IT infrastructure (networks, databases, blockchain, cloud)
  • Services on a commercial basis aimed at the commissioning of hardware and/or software as well as support in operational use
  • Advice in the field of network token economy
  • Quality control of games and websites
  • Services in the field of coaching, training and congres
  • News about technology

These services may be expanded in the near future.

Through this website, the company is also setting up an information platform where people from all walks of life can obtain information. The impact of new technologies will provide many new insights. Special emphasis is placed on the role that technology can play in improving the lives of millions of people in Sub-Saharan Africa.