“Gospel” Artificial Intelligence used by Israel to bomb Gaza.

The Gospel is the word chosen to designate cutting-edge technology the artificial intelligence that Israel uses to bomb the Gaza Strip in its war which opposes Hamas. This “Gospel” is a system of target selection to then bombard them “on the chain”. This new method of bombardment by artificial intelligence causes new concerns in term of international humanitarian law.

All the media in the world are following the war that Israel is waging in this small strip of Gaza since Hamas targeted and killed more than 1,200 Israeli civilians on 7 last October. The Gaza Strip has thus become the scene of relentless violence. bombing by the Israeli Air Force. The head of this air force did not minced his words when he recognized last October 11, the desire to attack the band with excessive aggression. Military targets are in Gaza according to Israeli authorities. “But we’re not surgical,” said the chef. of the Israeli Air Force. This sounds like a justification for the bombings massive attacks that kill more civilians than Hamas fighters.

It is therefore these massive bombings and declarations by military leaders Israelis revealed to the public a possible use of intelligence Israel’s artificial bombing of the Gaza enclave. It’s in It hasn’t been long since the Guardian meticulously examined the techniques used by Israeli army soldiers as well as the role of technology called “smart” in its relentless bombing campaigns.

For this investigation, the British daily did not neglect any avenue to seek information on the possible use of artificial intelligence. Sources old and current which have information on the smart platform called “Gospel”. He spoke with elders officials of the IDF, the Israeli army, among others and looking for information from +972 Magazine, the Israeli-Palestinian publication.

According to several media outlets, including the Guardian, the Israeli army has in fact used the artificial intelligence platform mentioned above to quickly enable the selection of targets in the Gaza Strip. This will to intensify the pace of bombing is not a secret since the site official of the IDF also mentioned clearly that the objective of artificial intelligence and its automatic tools is to produce “targets to a fast pace.”

Often considered as a factory that produces targets “on an assembly line”, this system based on Artificial Intelligence, also called “Habsora” would be used to give targeting recommendations “with the objective of a complete match between the proposal of the machine and the identification carried out by a person”, At least that’s according to information from the Israeli Defense Forces.

Aviv Kochavi, former head of the Israeli army, in his interview with Y Net News, addressed this topic of artificial intelligence technology used in chain selection of targets. Mr. Kochavi said that during the last war which opposed Israel to Hamas in 2021, the “machine” in question here had allowed to generate “100 targets per day” compared to “50 per year in Gaza in the past.”

For the moment we do not have details on the types of data inserted and processed by this technology dedicated to targeting but according to the Guardian, some experts say the platform could analyze multiple sources such as “drone images, intercepted communications, information learned monitoring the movements and behaviors of individuals and large groups”.

In an interview with Magazine +972, a former agent who worked in this targeting system, spoke about the “industrial” techniques of this platform of artificial intelligence. It’s really like a factory, he says. ” We work quickly and we don’t have time to delve deeper into the objective. The idea is that we are judged by how many goals we achieve generate. »

According to the Guardian, the “Gospel” system favors “quantity” and not quantity. ” quality “. And so it is not surprising that the Israeli bombings do not spare the civilian populations of Gaza. No one was surprised by the concerns raised by the techniques used by Israel in its bombings and especially artificial intelligence in matters of international law humanitarian.

Artificial intelligence presents many challenges for States in the future, according to political science professor Denise Garcia. In his book whose title is The AI ​​Military Race: Common Good Governance in the age of artificial intelligence. She says that governance will be confronted with lots of challenges. And the biggest challenges will be deterioration of standards international issues related to artificial intelligence.