Is NFT a safe investment for the future?

In this series of explanation of cryptocurrencies, we have given a new times the definition of these digital currencies. We said that they were virtual, that they came from private money since they were neither issued by a government, a central bank or any other financial institution. We also recalled the value of cryptocurrencies. And the value therefore What are cryptocurrencies?

The value of a cryptocurrency is made above all by its popularity and the use that people do it. A cryptocurrency increases in value when it is held by many people. When even more people use its tokens to purchase goods and services.

Cryptocurrencies represent 10% per year of very large payment services lucrative businesses that are exploding thanks to the continued growth of digital commerce. He It must be said that the growing place of digital currencies which will soon imposing these virtual currencies as a means of payment also contributes to this.

In this article we will talk about NFT. So what is NFT? Does the Can NFT be a safe investment in the future? From the outset it must be said that NFTs are driving debates in crypto-currency circles and fueling also the passion of investors. So NFTs are tokens that are also based on blockchain technology.

The NFT is not a cryptocurrency, for the simple reason that these NFTs are not not fungible, that is to say that, unlike virtual currencies which have a equal value (1BTC=1BTC), one NFT is not equal to another NFT because each NFT has its own properties. It shows proof of authenticity and signatures a unique identifier, a unique creator or even unique content. By against NFTs are digital assets that have a monetary value on which it is possible to invest and make profits. At the same time, you have to know that NFTs do not limit their use to this area of ​​investment only. They also have applications in different fields such as art, gaming and other sectors which are numerous.

The definition of NFT being given, its investment possibilities and its areas of application well explained, the question we need to answer is if NFT can be a safe investment in years to come?

All studies on NFTs agree that 95% of NFTs have no value now even if in what we noted above, these assets digital technology has fueled passions in investor circles. In short, they have undoubtedly appeals to the entire investment community in the sector. Normal. These assets were very promising.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens were becoming an important and useful asset for the world of cryptocurrencies by introducing simple asset tokenization physical and virtual. This has enabled a new functional digital ecosystem through which exchanged different products via the blockchain. So should we invest? still into NFTs?

NFTs are found in the art world. Art objects and products Digital collections appear to be the most popular uses of NFTs. When NFTs were at their peak, we remember Top Shot NBA cards at collecting or selling works of art like those of beeple or others like Art Blocks Curated at Cristie’s.

The other sector at the center of this recent change in NFTs is gaming or the video game which opens up many ways to benefit from these non-fungible tokens. In this area it is possible to purchase items in games or for example in game metaverses, it is also possible to carry out operations purchases and sales of real estate NFTs. Sandbox and Enjin are the games most popular blockchains to name just these two. AxieInfinity, Sorare, Gods Unchained, illuvium and Alien Worlds are also popular NFT video games.

NFTs are also used in the world of sports. Some NFT games like Sorare are used in the creation of new products and services, and offer rare experiences to his fans.

NFTs are found in several other areas. They can find each other in logistics, avatars, music, property rights including domain names, ticketing, real estate or even major brands of luxury. It is very clear that the NFT has not yet lost its capacity to generate profits. investments.