Say goodbye to Smartphones: it’s coming soon!

Artificial intelligence has no intention of stopping its revolutionary saga. 
The smartphones we use today could soon be outdated by a another screenless 
device developed by the start-up Humane and of course on basis of artificial 
intelligence. The new smartphone will be called IA PIN.
In fact, this new communication tool will not have a screen like our
smartphones of today and it is thought to advantageously replace the

The culture of secrecy is the rule at Humane because you never know. 
The start-up leaks information on the fly about his gadget says
revolutionary which plans to remove the screen and replace smartphones.
This interests all the media because it is unprecedented the replacement of
smartphone anyway. The AI ​​PIN will be nothing more than a small device that
will hang on a user's shirt or jacket as a "pin".
This pin will have many sensors including a camera.

The camera will also have a very important role. It can help interpret
everything that happens all around the wearer while keeping all his ability to
can be used to take pictures. This means monitoring and filming.

This aspect of the device is supposed to track all interactions in order 
to better deal with it. Using a projector, all visual information is displayed 
without no problem. Hand gestures can only be used to trigger certain orders. 
To do this this accessory is controlled by a "Sanpdragon" chip.
from qualcomm as it is called which is particularly developed for this device. 
In this research Humane has partners who are not lower since it is Microsoft and 
Volvo. That is to say that the adventure is very serious.

It is therefore during a TED conference that the boss of the start-up Humane 
presents this device of the future. The TED talk? The Aimless American Foundation
lucrative, The Sapling Foundation organizes conferences TED, Technology,
Entertainment and Design, which are a series of international conferences. 
There foundation therefore aims to spread :'' ideas worth spreading''.

In this TED conference it is a former Apple who presented this new device
revolutionary. So the founders of Humane who are behind this device are together, 
have a relationship. This is Imran Chaudhri who is the one who made the design of 
the iOS for iPhone. And the other is his wife Béthanie Bongiorno who worked on the 
iPad with him. So it was Imran Chaudhri who showed this device at a conference
TED as discussed above.

During the conference Chaudhri shows how he uses an accessory attached to his
jacket. The device that has no screen unlike our smartphones is powered by
an artificial intelligence developed by the start-up. During these explanations
Imran Chaudhri confirms that the start-up of which he is the founder was designed 
to from scratch to operate thanks to artificial intelligence. He did not miss
promote the advancement of current artificial intelligences. Chaudhry
Starting from a clear postulate, a radically different apparatus must be put in place.

This is how in his explanations he emphasizes that the device interacts in the 
same way way we do it. He listens and he sees, but with respect for privacy.
Always according to the founder of Humane, it is, for example, with the help of 
intelligence on-board artificial intelligence that the device can summarize the 
important points of a meeting in which the user participated. 
During his demonstration, Chaudhri been able to show that his device will be able 
to produce a translation into French of what is said in English. 
He demonstrated it himself. What he says in French is translated into English.

Imran Chaudhri's voice was reproduced by the AI ​​during this translation
vocal. Like a chatbot in other words, using the Chatbot method,
AI is used to find information and get advice. The founders of Humane seeks to 
keep a mystery around this accessory despite Imran Chaudhri's demonstration 
which was expressively varied. The report between technology and human society 
must necessarily develop. And the approach must be totally radical.

And that is what the founders of humane wanted. So that the relationship between
humans and technology evolve, it is absolutely necessary, according to the 
creators of the humane accessory, something radically different and without a 
screen. This"revolutionary" tool be successful? Let's hope so. But in the 
meantime, let's confidence in the start-up Humane.