Recent advances in health through artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has a revolutionary evolution in store for us in the 
sector of health. I would like to remind you that the world of tomorrow will 
focus on the safety and leisure. Health is on the top of the safety list because 
to live for a long time, real health security is needed. 
And this bet is being won by artificial intelligence.

Whether it is patient monitoring, epidemiological surveillance or robots
surgeons, personalized treatment and smart prostheses, artificial intelligence
is in a good position, it has enormous potential in the field of
health. We have listed applications that will be talked about in the future.

In recent years we have realized that artificial intelligence is
everywhere in our life. And in the field of health we have applications
interesting to master a certain number of problems related to the sector. 
Between other medicine today has invaluable resources for predict diseases, 
diagnose a pathology or improve the monitoring of patients. 
In these different fields there are enormous developments in the direction
progress for the future. We are going to outline some advances in terms of
health and future prospects.

The great innovation is prevention. Predictive medicine as it is called.
We are talking about the prediction of kidney damage 48 hours before they occur.
occur. An artificial intelligence company known as "DeepMind" has developed an 
algorithm capable of detecting markers biological agents responsible for kidney 
damage. These kidney lesions are the cause of 11% died from kidney disease. 
These preventive examinations will identify 48 hours before kidney damage and 
allow doctors to respond quickly to save the patient. Other disease that 
artificial intelligence can prevent it's Alzheimer's disease.
This would be done through the analysis of brain images or a blood sample. 
By the electrocardiogram which works by artificial intelligence heart attacks 
can also be quickly avoided.

In fact, artificial intelligence has the ability to make a reliable diagnosis and
effective or identify the risks of various pathologies. Distinguish a grain of
beauty of a melanoma (a tumor developed from melanocytes) or else
proceed to the interpretation of a brain scan or a chest X-ray,
this is where artificial intelligence makes such a crucial contribution
that effective. And it is thanks to the billions of data injected into a program
of learning, that the algorithm develops capacities to identify the signs of
disease. In google, for example, in particular thanks to its search service
of Alphabet, he managed to develop an artificial intelligence that detects the
lung cancer even before developing as a disease withaccuracy of 94.4% success. 
This kind of procedures help to avoid tests inaccurate as biopsies.

New effective drugs adapted to our cells will soon be developed using artificial 
intelligence. Billions of molecules have been carefully reviewed by artificial 
intelligence that will be able to predict those that will correspond to a cell or 
virus receptor. AI thus makes it possible to widen the field of drugs to be 
prescribed for a specific disease. 
To do this, the researchers were able to probe molecules that they did not
suspected in order to be able to better anticipate the side effects of future

Artificial intelligence will also help with prescriptions. For example the
risk of allergy or drug interaction will be automatically detected and
protect the patient from any poisoning. The surgery will also be assisted by
computer. Robots have become even more numerous in theaters of operation. 
Robots are more precise and reliable than the human hand, risks
complications and scars are more reduced and limited. It is with the help of their
articulated arms that robot surgeons can perform mini-surgery invasive or even 
link remote operations. A French surgeon in New York thus removed the gallbladder 
of a patient hospitalized in Strasbourg. 
Next to multiple achievements in operations, computer-assisted surgery, C.A.S
also allows surgeons to train and practice on patients virtual.

There are plenty of performances in terms of health thanks to artificial 
intelligence. I just scratched a few of them. The field is so huge. 
This it just needs to be said is that several diseases that kill today will 
be overcome in the very near future.