Picking a top 5 crypto: It’s win or win!

We have some of our readers who have decided to invest their money or simply to participate in the purchase and sale of crypto-currencies. Attracted by the lure of gain or the fear of losing, many have difficulty of choosing which cryptocurrencies would be promising. Crypto market specialists have selected 5 cryptocurrencies that are at the top to which you can focus your attention to win in the best case or to reduce your risk of losing in the worst case scenario.

For the month of August and probably also the months that will follow, the best Cryptos to follow are: Bitcoin, Euthereum, Ripple, Dogecoin and Solana. All of the five, Solana achieved the best result for the month of July with a profit 56% while Ethereum only gained 1%. Even though bitcoin has been lagging during this month of July because it posted a loss of 3%, the industry experts all agree that bitcoin is one of the top most important cryptocurrencies of this year 2023.

Bitcoin, therefore, since it is about him, takes the lead among the crypto-currencies of reference for this month of August. With its market capitalization of 550 billion dollars and also nicknamed “Digital Gold”, this digital currency allows to well follow the general trend of other cryptocurrencies when monitoring it. She affirmed herself. It dominates the market. And she is sturdy. All these qualities make bitcoin an ideal starting point in exploring the crypto market. The bitcoin has already gained 75% since the beginning of the year until today and the minimum and maximum price is estimated to vary between $29,410 and $35,932 by the end of August.

Ethereum is the perennial second on the list behind bitcoin with its market capitalization of $388 billion. Ethereum is also considered as the most popular blockchain. In the month of July Ethereum prices have increased by 1% in July with $1859 at the end of the month. The rise of ETH has reached 55% since the beginning of this year until now. It is estimated at $2097.723 the maximum price of ETH and $1426.452 the minimum price in August. Long-term price forecasts are even more reassuring since ETH will reach the threshold of $5,739 in 2025, then $14,412 in 2030. This means that the crypto has a bright future ahead of it and especially that the full deployment of the update day of “Merge” is always his other joker who can work to his advantage.

RIPPLE comes third with its market capitalization of 57 trillions of dollars. XRP is RIPPLE’s native crypto in case you don’t know . Like other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum, RIPPLE has experienced an increase, for this year of 2023, which reached 30% with a breach of the $0.40 barrier. Specialists believe that the fluctuations of the RIPPLE could be in the range of $0.63 to $0.93 to settle at $0.769086 at the end of August.

Dogecoin takes fourth place with its market capitalization of 10 trillions of dollars. It is judged as a possible alternative to traditional cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. While Dogecoin was designed to be rare, it intentionally becomes plentiful with 10,000 coins mined every minute with no maximum bid given.

The event of the month of July was this hypothesis put forward by certain fans of crypto claiming that Elon Musk, who is the CEO of the X platform would use Dogecoin as a means of payment for its platform. Following this event Dogecoin surged on July 24 with an 8% rise.

DOGE price started at $0.078 in early August 2023 and is expected to end at $0.077 at the end of August. The maximum price will reach 0.122 while that of the minimum is $0.077 at the end of August.

The fifth, last place in the list of top 5, is occupied by the Solana which weighs 9 trillion market capitalization. The Solana is designed to operate from even more powerful way like Ethereum. The Solana is very fast in matter of transaction. And transaction fees are further reduced by compared to competing blocks like Ethereum. The price of Sol is at $23,737 at beginning of August 2023 and it is possible that the price at the end of the month will be $22,108. The maximum price planned for the end of this month of August is therefore $29,246. and the minimum price will be $19,888.

All that remains is to choose. In the best choices we win for sure. The risk raced against a bad choice, win less. But still win!