Long-awaited update.

The Shanghai launch of the new etheurum network last April marks a
great turning point in the field of crypto-currencies. This update changes
staking and constitutes an unprecedented event in the evolution of the
blockchain both in terms of its efficiency and its profitability. It is therefore 
the shifting validation of ethereum transactions from proof of work to
proof of stake. The first advantage was not long in coming. This passage will 
allow reduce electricity consumption by more than 99% across the network. In
at the same time, this development will give advantages of gaining speed in the
transactions. In this series we relate the event as soon as the date of the
April 12 at the highly anticipated after launch.

The rise in the price of ether was not long in coming. As soon as the update is 
announced Shanghai Capella, prices immediately shot up. For the first time since
seven months Ether hit the 1900 USD mark. Cryptocurrency takes advantage of the
investor confidence. It is now trading at 1911 USD. The more we
nears the announcement date, investors get excited and the price goes up. These
the latter expect very significant changes.

This update of the Ethereum network will make crucial improvements to the
platform. First those who own ethers will have the possibility to withdraw the
funds deposited in staking, which gives great flexibility to validators and
liquidity depositors. A second improvement concerns the security of
transactions. This shift to proof-of-stake provides greater security and
more efficient operation of the Ethereum network. And all of this comes with a
significant reduction in energy consumption. The third improvement concerns
increasing the capacity to process more transactions. The transactions
therefore will be done even more quickly than they were before this passage.

Despite some hesitation on the part of some investors, it is quite clear 
that-thanks the definitive move to the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and 
the possibility holders of ethers to withdraw their funds in staking- Ethereum 
hits hard. He is positioned as a key player in the ecosystem of crypto-
currencies and imposes its desire to be an undisputed and ethical alternative 
to the bitcoins.

On the other hand, some investors remain skeptical of this update. With
only $2.5 million entry into crypto investment products,
some investors are right to be concerned since the volumes recorded
show a decrease of 33% compared to the previous week. The reaction of
bitcoin was also more favorable as it made an inflow of 8.8 million
of dollars.

For investors who own ethers, this development allows them to
provide opportunities: it becomes easier to make staking investments, and
to receive income from the validation of transactions. For the
timeline of this story, this opportunity starts in 2020 on the network

When staking was developed during the testing phase on the network
ethereum designated as 2.0, it was then possible to make income around
plus 10% annually. Ethers that are in staking today, before the
update, are at 14%. This ethereum 2.0 network system has often discouraged
investors because staking necessarily had to send in ethers
in a specific smart contact but without any facility to leave its position.

All of these issues are going to be fixed with this Ethereum protocol update.
named Shanghai. Ethereum engineers clarified that the feature
main feature of this update will be its ability to exit a position of
staking stuck on the protocol. And from there, it will be possible to draw one
income. Everyone undoubtedly thinks that Ethereum will be an attractive asset
for investors, because it is obvious that investors will be able to
benefit from this mechanism.

Many have already bet that several if not all trading platforms will put
set up opportunities for ether holders to stake
automatically. Staking is therefore a validation process undertaken by
many blockchain protocols. The process is as follows: to validate a
transaction on a blockchain and adding a block, it is necessary to solve a problem
cryptographic. And the cryptographic solution is done as soon as the ethers are
stored on trading platforms.