Cryptocurrencies: Three trends to watch this year.

The universe of cryptocurrencies has been developing non-stop for a while in a
good direction. Evolution is so sure that changes happen
every year and these read all the time in terms of trends. To look at it
up close-the law of the market obliges-several of these trends may have the
capabilities to alter the value of cryptocurrencies or perhaps also enhance
the financial performance of investors in the sector or of anyone who
place their money in this cryptocurrency sector. There are three trends that
trumpeted one after the other and especially that we must watch in 2023 and 2024.

On top of these trends that form a grid for understanding the evolution
cryptocurrencies, there is the shanghai hard fork of ethereum. Like the projects
crypto are always exposed to splits that are the offshoot of a strong
price fluctuation. And like every time in a project we are in lack of
result we are faced with an obligation to decide to change or to do
emerge another vision of the project. So understand that this is more or less the
role of a Fork. What is this first trend that concerns us now?
How does the Fork work? What can be its consequences?

A fork is a common term in the world of cryptocurrencies. And that means if
we want to be more specific about "blockchain forks". It is therefore a split that
 we can explain by a "bifurcation" that occurs at some point on a
blockchain. This phenomenon is very common on various blockchains. The separation
may or may not be voluntary. It can also come from a dispute or a conflict and 
also simple just come from a blockchain consensus update. Cryptos good
known are bitcoin Cash and even Ethereum classic. By entering the
working from the Fork, you will better understand what it really is.

If we start from the recent example, Ethereum has gone from proof of work to
proof of stake, it has been known for a while. This means that the mining of
ethereum can no longer be done as before, hence the separation and this refers to 
the unemployment of thousands of miners around the world. But the protest that 
ensued followed was successful since the possibility of old-fashioned mining in 
"work" as they say is still possible.

After the explanation of the Fork, let's come back to the trend which is the main 
object that occupies us. The proof of stake has already been there for a while. 
She allowed withdrawals at the pump from the first hours but also purchases of 
ethers at deposit and the increase in the price of ETH which reached 2000 dollars 
and everything indicates that it will continue to rise. Everyone is watching. 
The rise in numbers of stakers means that investors have confidence in the 
ethereum blockchain and that they are ready to put their ETH warm, that is to 
say keep them in deposit.

The second trend concerns the rise in interest rates by the EDF, the American Central bank. Cryptocurrencies are not immune to this power of
EDF. Like traditional financial assets such as stocks and
obligations, cryptocurrencies were forced to comply with the decisions of the
US central bank, the EDF. Cryptocurrency price fluctuations
confirm it all the more so as those are even well linked to actions
technologies. The EDF will continue its policy of raising interest rates
to curb inflation. And this will affect crypto by making it less attractive
exactly like stocks and bonds.

The third trend to follow and the last is the regulation of crypto-
currencies. It was the FTX turmoil that caught the attention of regulators. 
Following the collapse of the stock market of this crypto-currency giant FTX which 
caused the loss of many billions of euros to its customers, financial regulators 
have reacted immediately, seeking to monitor the sector more firmly. Until
now each jurisdiction was struggling to put in place its own laws but
a few proposals are coming out of the drawers to put in place regulations

Everyone is wondering about the scope of the regulations because they will
define how everyone will interact with cryptocurrencies.