Why should certain cryptocurrencies be monitored in 2023? (continuation and end)

Many cryptocurrency projects are emerging frantically. The big
criticism against crypto-currencies is that many projects are born and struggle
most often to convince. The other criticism concerns the reliability of certain
cryptocurrencies. Many give openings to cheating and diversions. 
As the sector is deregulated, it offers opportunities for several
crooks who take advantage of the porosity of the system. This is why many voices
rise so that there is more regulation in the system. But in the meantime we must
do with. In our previous articles, it was about cryptocurrencies to
to watch. They were presented along with their strengths. Now to end
our series, why should certain cryptocurrencies be watched in 2023?
Blockchain technology, which forms the very basis of crypto projects,
gives several potential advantages. It acts on security and independence. 
The data is therefore transmitted securely, and all of its information
are exchanged without any intermediary. The blockchain is therefore decentralized. 
She escapes the control of an entity and comes under the control of a network of 
nodes. This decentralization provides blockchain technology with more transparency 
and more resistance to manipulation.

Another advantage of the blockchain concerns above all its efficiency and its 
ability to reduce costs because it eliminates intermediaries known in many
of transactions. In addition, a transaction made in a blockchain cannot be
erased. This therefore offers a high level of security thanks to its design which 
makes difficult or even impossible to modify the data once they are
registered on the blockchain. The security of data therefore, and of information
which are exchanged independently, this is the basis of the blockchain.

Another advantage concerns the transparency of the projects. Transparency is
a key element of trust in crypto-currency projects. The crypto-
currencies are based on blockchain technology. This state of affairs implies
often better transparency. Trust is not without risk. The area
crypto-currencies experienced cases of fraud and scams in 2022 that have
seriously undermined investor confidence.

Following these events and the reaction of the markets, the projects are obliged 
to be much more transparent to convince. The level of confidence still remains a
important element for the evaluation of the credibility of crypto-projects
currencies. Transparency, trust and credibility are part of the criteria
important in establishing the classification.

The crypto-currencies to watch also have the advantage of a potentiality of
generate passive income. According to the projects of the cryptocurrencies, 
there are various methods of generating passive income. The term "passive income"
means earning money without putting in any effort. For the case of crypto-
currencies are not quite the same thing. Minimum work is required. It's necessary
both inquiring about and supervising sources of passive income. Like the
crypto-currencies represent a real class of financial assets, so they
can allow investors to generate interest and passive income.

And for that you will have to work a little all the same. Those who own
cryptos can lend them. At the same time, users (companies orindividuals) 
can also borrow from lenders. Everything is done by contract
smart issued in the blockchain. Also by staking with transactions that
is carried out in proof-of-stake which become masternodes, that is to say
computer systems responsible for verifying the validity and legitimacy of
transactions included in each block of a blockchain.

Finally another reason for crypto surveillance is solutions
new projects bring. It is therefore necessary to follow, to inquire
and to look for new cryptos with their own identity and which give
answers to concrete problems. Such projects often succeed in convincing
investors at the time of their sale phase. And above all they succeed in
maintain and increase in value at the end of this phase.

It is well known to all that many crypto projects are born every
days to the point that it is sometimes very difficult to find your way around. 
At this time the public expects the market to recover, so now is the time to 
watch cryptos that shows a better sign of growth and take advantage as soon as 
they are implemented sale. On top of this selection is FightOut followed by 
C+Charge, crypto of ecology.