List of crypto-currencies to monitor (continuation and end)

The cryptocurrencies to watch reach a number of ten. During our last
article we have listed the top five. In this following article we
shell out the remaining five to complete the list. We will close this
series articles by explaining the reasons that lead to the monitoring
of these crypto-currencies.

The sixth Crypto-currency to follow is OKX, of which OKB is the token
that dominates the crypto exchange platform. OKB allows users to buy, sell
and to position itself on the stock market for purchases and sales as well.
When we holds the OKB token, there are benefits that come with it. You can benefit
from advantages such as the reduction of costs in stock exchange transactions 
as well as exclusive access to the products and services available on the platform.

Another advantage with the OKB token is this voting power on decisions of
platform governance. This can allow for both the platform and the
token to expand their importance even further. OKX, it must be emphasized,
is one of the most major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world whose number of usersgrows continuously. This is one of the reasons to watch it.

In seventh position is Monero which is used to facilitate private transactions
and above all anonymous. The Monero cryptocurrency is used instead in operations
confidential and anonymous. Monero has its privacy protocol known as
the name of “Ring Confidential Transactions” (RingCT) which is used to hide
addresses of senders, recipients and transaction amounts.

Monero is one to watch for a lot of reasons. First, its confidentiality is
a sought-after brand in the blockchain world, in part by
users who want to protect their privacy and financial security. Her
secrecy technology is constantly improving in the blockchain world,
which certainly can work to strengthen its position in the industry of
the blockchain. In addition Monero is a fairly mature cryptocurrency.
She has a active community of developers and users, and it is present on all
major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Eighth place is held by the famous Ethereum. Ethereum which is a crypto
with a more ambitious ecosystem. First Ethereum still retains its
second largest market cap position behind Bitcoin. THE
passage from proof for work to proof of stake was the most important event of
Ethereum in 2022. This move to proof of stake has grown faster and has
reduced its energy consumption. These two points have always been mentioned for
point out the weakness of the blockchain.

Ethereum therefore provides the roof for a larger community of developers.
the crypto ecosystem. The Ethereum network is still home to the most popular
protocols ambitious in the sector. We talk about new developments even more
future innovations, including the implementation of sharding. This is a news
performance of the blockchain which offers it an increase in the capacity to 
process more transactions. Sharding offers to gain in scalability. what wants
basically say an ability to respond to rapidly growing demand. According to
many experts, it is impossible to think about the future of the asset ecosystem
digital outside of Ethourum. This is its importance to be well supervised.

Number nine in the list is occupied by the famous bitcoin. Sound cues
evolution in the market make this cryptocurrency which occupies the roof of all
in market capitalization, a crypto to watch closely.

Cryptocurrency market volatility in 2022 depressed investors
who have opted for special monitoring of the next movements of the
bitcoins. The collapse of the FTX has greatly damaged investor confidence and
public. Alongside the global economic context affecting bitcoin, which has
experienced a sharp drop, the cryptocurrency displayed flaws that could lead to
attempts multiple hacks that also caused concern.

The queen of crypto-currencies is therefore in the sights for this year 2023.
Many believe that its progress will, it seems, be decisive for
the entire cryptocurrency market. The figures on the forecasts of
the evolution of the bitcoin price are very variable, which therefore calls for a
careful monitoring for this year.

The number ten spot on the list is occupied by the Binance platform. Binance
coin (BNB), the native token of Binance crypto, is known to be the largest
daily trading volume.

BNB which was created to finance the development of the Binance platform is
used to pay transaction fees on the platform and to be able to benefit
reductions. It is also used for exchanges with other platforms using BNB as
Binance DEX and Binance Launchpad.

The bankruptcy of FTX severely affected BNB. Crypto has suffered a lot from this
but it retains its solidity and occupies the fifth position in terms of 
capitalization stock market. 
Despite this FTX crisis which shook it up, everything suggests that BNB 
will recover very quickly. 
This justifies that BNB deserves to be on the list of assets to watch in 2023.