The storm that shook cryptocurrencies in the year 2022 was caused by a
partly by the Covid pandemic and partly by the war in Ukraine. This
storm was so strong and violent that the creators and promoters of
cryptocurrencies have wondered about the guarantee of the sector. The very idea of
the basis of the foundation of cryptocurrencies according to which it was 
necessary to carry out transactions without having to resort to an intermediary 
had been initiated by this crisis. 
Today this doubt is behind the promoters of the sector.
Cryptos have regained momentum which restored investor confidence.

The cryptocurrency market continues to gain momentum. Of many projects are 
constantly emerging in the sector and investors remain on the hunt for the most 
promising crypto-currencies that will show a strong increase in the future in the
 short, medium and long term. A guide follows from close to the cryptocurrencies 
to watch in this 2023. This guide has selected a list of 10 coins. 

In this article we will analyze 5 best cryptocurrencies to monitor to start.

First on the list of cryptocurrencies with growth potential is Fight
Out. It is a new cryptocurrency which has a function of rewarding
athletes according to the intensity of their training. The Fight Out platform 
ensures opportunities to create personalized and award-winning workouts
REPS. It is a currency in the form of a token coin paid at each end
of a sports session. REPS can be used to buy NFTs, get
discounts on app subscription and participate in social activities
of the virtual community. This project also plans to develop buildings
modern sports in the real world, with discounts for
REPS holders.

10 billion tokens are planned by manufacturers of these Fight Out REPS tokens
and 60% will be available during the presale phase. 10% will be used
as cash for trades and the remaining 30% will be released to
a 10-year period for rewards in the ecosystem and ensuring the
platform growth. Presale of Fight Out Tokens is ongoing. She
ends at the end of this month of March.

The second on the list of cryptos to watch out for is C+Charge called eco-
crypto that rewards drivers of electric vehicles. C+Load is a
platform whose ambition is to encourage the choice of electric transport by
enabling a peer-to-peer payment system that offers carbon credits
when charging electric vehicles. This project will also support the
development of the network of charging stations.

Through an individual electronic wallet through a mobile application
C+charge, platform users will be able to track their carbon credits,
the prices of the charging stations and the location of the terminals too. 
The native token C+Charge's CCHG will be used by drivers of electric cars to
pay their charge. Eco-cryptos are well established. This project is therefore 
in good position of crypto-currencies to monitor of course. The first phase 
of presale of CCHG is launched with a price of 0.013USDT and this price will 
increase by 80% before the end of this presale.

Third on the list comes the RoboEra. This is a project that focuses on
the metaverse. It allows players to create totally unique robots through
various resources available within the game. RobotEra provides opportunities for
earn money in the game by participating in community events
virtual of course. It is also possible to make money by selling structures,
billboards or by launching its own events with a paid participation.

In 2023, RobotEra will integrate the combination of augmented reality and reality
Virtual. An augmented reality is the superposition of reality and elements
calculated by a computer system in real time. These are different
methods that allow you to embed virtual objects in an image sequence.
These are applications that affect many domains including the domain
medical. These functionalities that RobotEra will integrate will give opportunities
to players to generate other sources of money by this creation of real
virtual worlds.

Number four on the list is Cosmos. It is a blockchain platform that
provides developers with opportunities to create applications
decentralized with great ease and flexibility. The token of the
Cosmos cryptocurrency is called ATOM. It is used to secure the network and
to reward validators. Cosmos is one to watch closely because it is
a constantly evolving platform and it allows itself to launch a lot of
application creation projects. In addition, the platform enjoys an important
support from developers as well as the blockchain industry.

The place of number 5 is occupied by the ChainLink. ChainLink is a platform
decentralized that stores useful data for smart contracts.
This platform provides real-time data to smart contracts. 
The smart contracts are autonomous but they need the data to take
a decision. ChainLink's token is called Link. Tokens are useful for paying
transaction fees, to reward data providers and network validators. 
This ChainLink crypto is one to watch because it is at
center for supplying data to blockchain smart contracts.