ChatGPT: vice next to virtue

Chat GPT continues to be talked about. Newspapers picked up the story of
this futuristic chatbot that seems to herald even more innovations
spectacular and breathtaking in the field of artificial intelligence.
ChatGPT has all by itself revolutionized manners for the moment. He's doing
encourage all investors not only to take an interest in its performance but
also to invest in more research in the field of intelligence
artificial. ChatGPT does not stop there.

It shakes up giants like Google and Microsoft who are beginning to question
this new form of competition. The newspaper Le Monde cites a study of the
bank UBS which claims that ChatGPT would have been used by one hundred million
people during the month of January, which would make it the "fastest growing" service
most dazzling in the history of the internet "according to the newspaper Le Monde.

Google number one Sundar Pitchai was the first to marvel at this
new tool of artificial intelligence and launched the alert by announcing a
unprecedented revolution of internet planet. During a meeting with his
employees just two weeks after the launch of ChatGPT, the boss of Google has
recognized that 2023 could be an "inflection point" for the use of
text-based artificial intelligence for use in internet research.

In an article in Le Monde, the newspaper adds that Google employees who
were already wondering about-the missed opportunity-to launch a competitor at
ChatGPT in the colors of Google, challenged their leader on this occasion. Sundar
Pitchai defended himself by playing the Google reputation protector card against
to a small start-up. His explanation is that a chatbot
as the ChatGPT contained harmful germs for the image of a large
company like Google. However, he left a small opening by recalling that
his company had to be careful in maneuvering such a project more than a
start-ups like OpenAI which launched ChatGPT. It does not reveal any information about the
possibility for Google to launch the same conversational robot.

And yet always according to Le Monde, which in turn quotes American television
CNBC which reveals that Google is currently testing a chatbot similar to
ChatGPT dubbed "apprentice bard", informs that
the American company is already ready to fight against this new
competition represented by ChatGPT.

This monster according to some or this god according to others that is ChatGPT also threatens
million jobs. The capitalists always in search of profits are already rubbing their
hands for the business opportunities that ChatGPT represents. Several
investors put their hands in their pockets to finance the development of ChatGPT and all the research of artificial intelligence to kick out more employees in order to make more profit.

Microsoft has announced that it is preparing to invest $10 billion in OpenAI,
ChatGPT's mother, and at the same time he's kicking out more than 10 thousand of his
employees. Microsoft isn't the only tech company doing the
job cuts in the wake of the announcement of ChatGPT's prowess. There's
a Meta which has just parted ways with 11 thousand of its employees. Amazon returned
more than 11 thousand down the street. At this rate capitalism will succeed in eradicating the
jobs in the world, some leftist intellectuals quip.

Bernard Friot, the most critical left-wing intellectual of his generation of misdeeds
of capitalism has always argued that capitalism dreams only of suppressing all
jobs by investing in advanced technology. This is why it is necessary
establish a salary for life because jobs will disappear in favor of
machines. This is a debate, which divides economists and which will make sense
when jobs will disappear en masse and it may be soon.

If the progress of this new conversational agent that uses intelligence
artificial concentrate most of the attention of world opinion, behind the scenes
of its design are less stellar, according to Time. Behind this success lies
a history of exploitation of vulnerable people. The bottom of this chain occupies
as usual the black, the African, the poor. And it is the Kenyans who have been
operated by the start-up. Kenyan workers took days to clean up
thousands of inappropriate texts stored in a database constituted
without filter for this artificial intelligence.

For less than two dollars an hour, the employees had the task of labeling
inappropriate "tens of thousands of snippets" according to The Time magazine. It's about
immense work that left all the workers of the Kenyan company underwhelmed
dealing with OpenAI, traumatized. “It was torture,” testified one of them
at Magazine. Also according to The Time, several workers said they had to read
between 150 and 250 passages of text without stopping for nine hours. Some of these
texts described scenes of pedophilia, murder, torture or even
of incest. ChatGPT is not totally a nice story.