Do you know ChatGPT? If so, great, otherwise we’ll try. to discover together in very few
words this artificial intelligence, the most popular of this time. Then the ChatGPT is nothing
but a robot who can answer all our questions that we ask him in many languages. The
question we ask ourselves is whether the robot will be able to one day engage in a spoken
conversation with humans? Not yet for the moment in any case the ChatGPT does not speak.
In the online journal UNION we can read that the ChatGPT has been designed to write and
not to speak. It is therefore a language model produced by Open AI, so it doesn’t really speak
a language. The work of robot is to produce texts at the request of users by making using
state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. According to several users of robot questioned by the
online newspaper UNION always, there are results positive about languages ​​like Spanish,
Italian, German, Korean, Japanese…

This artificial intelligence is. accessible to everyone and in a way free. Its use is simple. You
just have to ask questions written, the robot responds with constructed sentences. The robot
is. able to write poems and scripts. To be able to use the ChatGPT, it you have to go to the
Open AI website (American company) and click on the “TRY ChatGPT” button and the site
will ask to log in “log in” For this, the user must provide an email address and a
password.past, nothing more.

It should also be noted that sometimes the site can be overloaded because as this artificial
intelligence is very fashionable now, many people are connected to it at the same time and
unfortunately often all the time. It will then display on the screen the message that says:
“ChatGPT is at capacity right now”. In this case then it will be necessary to return to the site
To understand how ChatGPT works, you have to go into its design and its designer. ChatGTP
was developed and trained by Open AI. It is a San Francisco-based company in the United
States and who specializes in artificial reasoning. According to the page Wikipedia, the
objective of this company is to promote and develop artificial reasoning with a human face
that will benefit all of humanity. I don’t know what it means “artificial reasoning” with face
human but in my layman’s understanding, it is reasoning artificial that is close to that of
humans. So the ChatGPT was trained on a vast mass of text, without excluding even articles
of newspapers, novels, poems, we spoke about it above, film and television scripts as well as
online conversations. That offers him an ability to understand the contours of a conversation
and give precise and coherent answers.

ChatGPT offers a lot of advantages. And one of those benefits is its ability to adapt to a range
of subjects and formats language. This means that it can be used as applications such as those
used in social networks, the writing of scripts for films and television series or the creation of
other supports for businesses such as chatbots.

In addition to this particular advantage, ChatGPT is permanently and constant evolution
thanks to its apprenticeship which is still development. And that speaks to all the fans and
crazy about intelligence artificial. Because ChatGPT is in continuous improvement and over
time time, it can still become very efficient in the development of ability to simulate human
conversations. I will not be not therefore of those who will be surprised when ChatGPT to
speak, in different languages ​​spoken on our planet, like humans and with humans.

To sum it all up, ChatGPT remains an innovative language model exceptional which opens
up many possibilities in the field of artificial intelligence. This ability to assimilate, to
understand the contours, the context and finally to produce correct texts and convincing make
it a useful and trusted tool for businesses and content designers. Some already call him god.
And others refer to him as a monster.