The Fall of Cryptocurrencies: Stock Market Victim of the War in Ukraine

Bitcoin’s performance of the year 2021 seems to be behind us. This cryptocurrency had reached $70,000 in November last year. Today its value has reached half. His fall has not stopped for several weeks. The most popular cryptocurrency fell as low as $25,424 before recovering a tiny bit. The most popular cryptocurrencies are losing value day by day. Experts are tearing their hair out and asking themselves only one question: Will Bitcoin, Ethereum and Luna be able to go up one more day? All stock market specialists doubt.

The reasons for the difficulty, in which crypto-currencies are plunged, start from the cooling of the atmosphere around virtual currencies. In fact, global inflation scares investors, and at the same time, they turn away from cryptocurrencies to put their money in investments that seem safer to them. And as Misfortune is always accompanied according to the adage Misfortune never comes alone, the collapse of Terra does not help matters. She loses her attachment to the dollar and drags in her fall the Luna, her cornerstone.

The blow comes from the fall of coinbase: the giant on the United States crypto-currency exchange. Coinbase therefore recorded net losses of $430 million. This loss far exceeded what had been expected by analysts. And the coinbase stock crashed after this stock market earthquake. Coinbase has faced a trend of both falling cryptocurrency prices and volatility that begins at the end of 2021. But coinbase does not lose faith. She imagines or she is convinced that it is a very temporary crisis that will soon be curbed. Mistake?

If cryptocurrencies are shaken, crypto analysts are wondering whether the market has reached an expected period of cooling, known as “a crypto winter” or a permanent cooling, referred to as “the ice age”. cryptographic.” But Simon Peters is the first to worry. He is the cryptocurrency analyst on the eTerro platform. It is he who warns by declaring that “the current concern of investors in cryptoassets is to know when the slide will end.” This concern is explained by the efforts observed in the Western world which aim to stifle inflation which continues to rise in Western economies.

Recent announcements do not promise recovery either. Russians and Ukrainians have signed an agreement in Istanbul, Turkey, which leaves millions of tons of wheat stranded in the port of Odessa to be exported by the Black Sea. But the attack on the port of Odessa by the Russians immediately dampened the hopes raised by the signing of this agreement the day before. Investors therefore remain very pessimistic. The war will be long and its implications on the markets, including rising food and energy prices.

For her part, the boss of the ECB, the European Central Bank, Mrs. Christine Lagarde had announced very bad news only a few days before the signing in Istanbul. According to her, inflation is settling in for a long time and the days to come look even darker.

The International Monetary Fund makes the same observation. Inflation continues to rise, interest rates too. And there is no tendency for calm and the coming days will be even more difficult for the markets. Investors eager to make profits are not going to flock to cryptocurrencies. They rush to other opportunities that give more confidence to make a profit.

And yet, the start of the war in Ukraine had let the idea of ​​seeing the Crypto-currencies Bitcoin and Ether become a safe haven. But this idea did not last long. It was only an illusion, the stock market reality has taken over. The crisis in Ukraine has been compounded by other problems of an international dimension. These are the return of the Covid 19 pandemic in China, the monetary policy which is tightening in the United States and inflation which continues to soar on a global scale, as we have clearly underlined in beginning. These are all elements that increase the anxiety of traditional marches, which show increasing concerns. These concerns also extend to other assets. And cryptocurrencies are one of them. The latter cannot put out the fire of this current stock market slump.

The suffering of cryptocurrencies should continue and last even longer. At this time of strong geopolitical and economic instability, investors are not risk averse. And that’s why, moreover, that today, except for El Salvador, almost no one buys crypto-currencies that lose value.

According to several market experts around the world, this critical situation for cryptocurrencies will undoubtedly be long. The war in Ukraine is causing a lot of victims among the population, especially children and women, it will undoubtedly cause others in the world through famine. And there was this reaction. The second consequence that must be drawn is that one must not resort to violence. When you resort to violence, you even risk losing the main cause ,” recommended Patrick Muyaya.