ETHER and its rise…… Is a collapse possible?

The most famous cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. To this day, Bitcoin still maintains its strength in the market despite the rise of the ETHER: the original cryptocurrency name of Ethereum. Of course, it will benefit from the scientific advancements of the Ethereum platform. Studies tend to show that Ethereum doesn’t stop its average performance increase against the Bitcoin, especially in the uptrend phases. Everything will depend on the acceleration of Ethereum’s average performance. If this increase continues, it is inconceivable that the ETHER will unlock Bitcoin.

This explosion of the ETHER cryptocurrency has already been predicted by developments in research for the improvement of the Ethereum platform. Everything adds up to explain that the cryptocurrency ETHER will benefit from the benefits that improvements of Ethereum will bring. But we’re not there yet. Because Bitcoin’s capitalization is still on the rise. It is 2.4 times higher than that of Ethereum. So Bitcoin still has time to stay at the top.

Even though we are surprised by this certain emergence of the ETHER…. this is not the subject of this article. In this article we will first discuss where you can obtain the ETHER. And finally, what are the steps to take to obtain it?

When one is interested in Ethereum, it is important to ask the question where one should buy the cryptocurrency ETHER. And still a new question arises: which platform, the best, should be chosen to carry out the purchase of ETHER effectively? The answer mainly found in France is that the eToro platform is always preferred. It is one of the few platforms regulated in France. Using the principle of CFD (Contracts For Difference), eToro allows you to trade the cryptocurrency ETHER.

The eToro not only engages in social trading but also allows you to respond to orders from highly competent traders. They are therefore available to help the novice to shop better to make a profit. It is also important to note that eToro allows you to position yourself via CFD on purchases of other assets besides of course trading ETHER on the Ethereum platform.

The eToro platform keeps costs down while purchasing ETHER and reassures the buyers in their purchases. With this there are no surprises because there are no hidden costs. Without trying to advertise the eToro platform, it seems to us that it is placed in the lowest commission prices in the market. Commission fees are announced promptly before the validation of a purchase transaction. Now we know the platform: what it can be used for and how to get ETHER. There are four steps to go through for this operation.

The first thing you need to do is open an account with eToro. In the logic of the fight against money laundering, the platform asks you for information about yourself. To identify yourself, you must fill in a form. Unlike other platforms, for buying cryptocurrency that use the English language, eToro is exclusively in French. You will then need to proceed with your eToro account verification. You must quickly identify yourself and submit proof of residence. Especially if you invest enough money. These are requirements set by the regulator and it is also for your safety. Or just for the safety of your money.

The second step is to deposit money into your account. To initiate an ETHER purchase transaction, you must first deposit funds into your eToro account. It’s very simple. Once connected to your eToro account you need to click on “deposit funds”. Then you need to enter the amount, determine the currency and choose the deposit method. The eToro platform allows you to use any deposit method you want: a credit card of any kind or a bank transfer. All choices are possible. The amount to be deposited is: USD 2250 or its equivalent. Whatever currency is deposited, it is automatically converted into US Dollars. The US Dollar is the reference currency on eToro.

The third step is to place a buy order on the Ethereum protocol. The eToro account has been opened and funds have been deposited into the account. Just place another order to buy Ethereum crypto. To purchase, go to the search bar in the eToro app. Then search for cryptocurrencies by typing ETH, for example, and the “Purchase” or “Invest” icons will appear. In this case you have to click on buy here. And the confirmation of the purchase is not long in coming from eToro.

Finally, the fourth step: the last and above all the verification step. After purchasing ETH, you need to verify your account in order to deposit such large amounts and even larger amounts afterwards. It’s important to be sure. So how do you verify your account? All you need to do is provide ID and proof of address less than 6 months old. After a little patience for validation and verification, all the features of eToro are available to you.

Despite these very spectacular advances in cryptocurrency, the most powerful voices of monetary regulation continue to rise. Christine Lagarde, the president of the European Central Bank, insists, signing: “I have always said that crypto assets are highly speculative and very risky assets.” The ECB president warns of the uncertainty that cryptocurrencies bring. “My very humble assessment is that it is worthless and there are no underlying assets to serve as a security anchor.”

What is certain and that the more the return increases: the greater the probability of collapse and this is the economic rule. Will cryptocurrencies escape this rule? We’ll try to look into that next time.